Designer Beadcrete®

Choosing the right pool finish is a difficult process. Your pool finish must satisfy two main objectives – it should be functional and it has to look good. Fortunately, Designerite has found the perfect finish for your pool – Designer Beadcrete®. Our board of directors and key staff have been working with pools for over 40 years and as soon as we discovered this product we knew it was something special.

Designer Beadcrete® offers so much more than regular exposed aggregate finishes. It makes use of clear bead spheres and selected coloured quartz that combines to create a reflective mirror underneath the pool’s surface and turn your pool into a dazzling display of vibrant and sparkling light.

It’s not just a design element, it is also the most recent functional development in polymer modified cement aggregate technology. Pre-blended packaging and factory manufacture guarantee consistency in quality as well as improved performance in durability and slip-resistance. The quality of the design and rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process come together to provide buyers with a pool finish that is the ultimate in aesthetics and usability.

Why Use Designer Beadcrete®?

  • Maintains pool water clarity, making your pool look spectacular by day and sensational at night
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Resists algae growth and improves pool hygiene
  • Its rock solid durable surface has a 20 year life expectancy
  • Smooth anti-slip surface for improved pool safety

Designer Beadcrete® gives you incredible freedom over your design choices. The finish comes in an array of colours that are designed to complement your pool design and turn your entire pool area into a visual spectacle.

A key advantage of Designer Beadcrete® is the way the spheres are locked into the surface of the finish with acrylic polymer modified cement. This creates a smooth finish that is far less abrasive on skin. In typical exposed aggregate finishes the aggregate sits outside of the concrete surface, giving it a rough surface that is notorious for its abrasive qualities. If you want your journey into your pool to be a smooth one, you need Designer Beadcrete®.

We hold the exclusive distribution and sales rights to this Australian owned and patented technology, which is manufactured in New South Wales by Designer Concrete Coatings.

This finish can be used for a variety of pool applications. You can render your pool surface, resurface your pool or restore your pool to its former glory by restoring it with Designer Beadcrete®.

Applications of Designer Beadcrete®

  • Durable reinforced concrete swimming pool finish
  • Ideal for all types of water features, including spas, ponds, and more
  • Perfect for rendering bricks and concrete
  • Easily pours into moulds to make statues, bird baths, tiles, blocks, pavers, and more

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