The most significant difference between the ranges is the content of glass bead. The Pool Render range offers a small amount of glass bead whereas the Beadcrete® range offers from 2/3 to an all glass bead finish.

The addition of extra glass increases the ‘shimmering’ or ‘glowing effect’ when natural or artificial light is cast on the pool. As an added benefit the surface becomes smoother with the more glass bead that is added. The addition of glass will also increase the resistance to black spot and algae growth.

A seven (7) year warranty is provided with a Designer Beadcrete® & Designer Pool Render purchase. A warranty form will be forwarded to you following receipt of payment to be completed and returned to register your purchase.

Absolutely not. Beadcrete® is manufactured with high-quality ingredients enabling it to stand the test of time and ensure ease of ownership. Our recommended pool care guide has been generated in accordance with Australian Standard 3633 (1989) – “Private Swimming Pools – Water Quality”.

We are based in Sydney but we ship our products Australia wide. No matter where you and your pool live give us a call to benefit from our incredible range of pool construction and maintenance products.

Despite what pool render colour you choose, all water has a blue hue to it. The deeper the water is, the bluer it looks to the human eye. The scientific reason is that the blue hue of water is an intrinsic property and is caused by selective absorption and scattering of white light. Water molecules absorb light from the red end of the spectrum and reflect (or poorly absorb) light from the blue end of the spectrum, thus giving water a blue hue.

As long as you keep in mind that all water has a blue hue, then picking pool render colours is a matter of personal preference. If you like blue pools, then we can enhance the blue look of a pool by using various cement and coloured glass options in our products which, along with the natural blue colour of water, can create a variety of striking blues.