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Our board of directors and key staff have over 40-years of experience in pools. As a pool product supplier, we use this experience and exhaustive testing methods to ensure our customers get the best products available.

For us to sell a product to a customer it needs to satisfy a set of stringent requirements. Firstly, it needs to be of the highest quality and manufactured by one of our trusted suppliers. Secondly, it needs to provide excellent value for money and be a worthy investment and thirdly, it needs to be backed by comprehensive manufacturer guarantees.

Our Swimming Pool Products

The following brands have met out requirements, which means you can rely on them to provide you with exceptional performance:

  • Sta-Rite: If you need a pump for your pool, you can’t go wrong with Sta-Rite. Sta-Rite has been manufacturing quality water pumps since 1934 and our customer’s love how effective they are. As an authorised supplier, we will also provide you with the quality tradespeople you need to effectively install your pump.
  • Focus: Whether you need chemicals, water testing equipment or pool equipment, the Focus name has become synonymous with the ultimate in performance and quality. They’ve got everything you need to test the quality of your water and keep it perfect.
  • Helicol: Helicol is the world largest manufacturer of pool solar heating and they’ve gotten to that position by providing customers with efficient heating for their pool from a free source of energy. Helicol promises to keep your pool warm enough to have a swim at any time of the day and we back them to keep that promise 100%.
  • AquaStar: AquaStar has become a global leader in providing the necessary technology to keep pools safe, compliant and dependable. Whether you need a sump bucket, a VGB drain or a cleaner you can rely on anything that carries the AquaStar brand.
  • Zodiac: Zodiac is a famous name in the pool industry and with their quality selection of heaters, chlorinators, chemical feeding systems and pumps it’s not hard to see why.

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