Beadcrete® - The Stunning, Innovative, Swimming Pool Finish

Designer Beadcrete® patented technology has revolutionised the field of pool finishes. It offers a range of different, rich and reflective colours that produce spectacular pool water clarity and light effects. Beadcrete’s® polymer modified cement and aggregate technology combines rock-solid durability with very low maintenance and slip resistance in a smooth textured finish that is remarkable user-friendly with low risk of skin abrasion.

There are also no special treatments to preserve aesthetic appearance. Simply follow standard start-up procedures and normal pool maintenance to keep your pool water sanitised and chemically balanced for optimum swimmer comfort.

Designer Beadcrete® patented technology incorporates colourfast mineral quartz, inorganic oxides and small, ‘retro-reflective’, clear bead spheres. This lasting interior finish is outstanding in any concrete swimming pool.

Designerite is a leading supplier of swimming pool products, particularly Beadcrete® the most stunning, innovative pool finish available. Offering a wide range of rich reflective colours, Beadcrete® really is the perfect choice for your new or renovated pool interior. Also on offer from Designerite is a loose glass bead product system that can be blended by your installer on-site to achieve a custom mix. We also offer a full range of pool construction and maintenance products.

Unique, beautiful, patented pool render technology for all types of swimming pools, from residential and commercial, to recreation and resort.