The core objective of Designerite is to deliver quality pool construction and maintenance products that meet the needs of our customers. To achieve this, our board of directors and key staff have used over 40 years of extensive experience to obtain a list of suppliers that fit with the ethics and objectives of our company.

As a provider of pool construction and maintenance products, we have an enormous responsibility to source highest quality products that will provide our customers with great value for money. The only products you’ll find on our shelves are products that we have personally tested and researched. We’ve enjoyed long-lasting relationships with all our suppliers but that doesn’t mean we don’t subject each and every item that comes through our door to rigorous quality control tests.

A product is only as good as its installation. We know what can go wrong if good products end up in the wrong hands and that’s why we’ve worked hard to build alliances with the best tradespeople in the industry. We’ve handpicked these tradespeople to ensure they install our valued products properly and provide you with the advice you need to maintain your pool to the highest standards.

The fact that our staff and board of directors is made up of people who have an extensive history in the pool industry means our customers benefit from expert advice and get access to products that experts have chosen. Designerite isn’t staffed by salespeople, it’s staffed by experts who are passionate about what they do and passionate about ensuring that customer’s leave with the right product in their hand.

Our Products

We stock everything you need to construct and maintain your pool, including the incredible Beadcrete® range of pool finishes:

Plus, we stock a range of other pool products from celebrated brands such as Zodiac, Helicol, Focus, Sta-Rite and AquaStar.

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