Custom Beadcrete®

Beadcrete® is taking the world by storm with its range of pool finishes. What makes this finish truly unique is that you don’t have to sacrifice anything by installing it. If you go with a tiled finish you have to sacrifice on safety and ease-of-maintenance, if you go with exposed aggregate you have to sacrifice on comfort and if you go with plain, old concrete you have to sacrifice on style.

Beadcrete® pool finishes give you style, functionality, durability and comfort all at the same time and their Custom range of coloured finishes give you the stylistic freedom to turn your pool into the design piece it should be.

The aesthetic effects of Beadcrete’s® Custom range are incredible. By installing one of their custom finishes you turn your pool into a light show. Both natural and artificial light can dance, bounce and refract off the beads and quartz that make up the aggregate and create a breathtaking, three-dimensional display of colour and light.

The Custom range has enough colours to suit any design scheme and turn your pool into a centrepiece of your domestic or commercial property.

Why Use the Beadcrete® Custom Range?

  • Maintains pool water clarity, making your pool look spectacular by day and sensational at night
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Resists algae growth and improves pool hygiene
  • Its rock-solid durable surface has a 20 year life expectancy
  • Smooth anti-slip surface for improved pool safety

The benefits of Beadcrete®’s Custom range go far beyond aesthetics. A key benefit of the finish is the way in which the aggregate is locked into the finish with acrylic polymer modified cement. This creates a completely smooth and non-abrasive surface that provides users of the pool with the ultimate in comfort. This method is in stark contrast to exposed aggregate where the exposure of the aggregate makes it a constant source of abrasion and cuts.

The finish is also very low-maintenance. Beadcrete®’s Custom range is naturally stain-resistant and has all the durability of concrete. Your chemical bills will drop because your pool will stay cleaner and you can be assured that an initial investment in your pool’s finish will last for decades.

Designerite is honoured to be an exclusive holder of sale and distribution rights to Beadcrete® products. Beadcrete® only allows accredited tradespeople to install their finishes and we have a number of highly-experienced tradespeople at our disposal that will provide you with a quality installation of a Beadcrete® Custom pool finish.

Applications of the Beadcrete® Crystal Range

  • Durable reinforced concrete swimming pool finish
  • Ideal for all types of water features, including spas, ponds, waterfalls, and more
  • Perfect for rendering bricks and concrete
  • Easily pours into moulds to make statues, bird baths, tiles, blocks, pavers, and more

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All you have to do is match the colour to the rest of your landscaping and you’ll turn your pool into a talking point. Whether you’re building a new pool, restoring your old pool or getting some ideas together for a future pool build contact us today and make sure your pool gets a finish that is stylish, durable, low-maintenance and safe.


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