pH.  7.2 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity mg / L.  80 – 120
Calcium Hardness mg / L 150  for first 12 months of pool operation
100 – 250  after 12 months of pool operation
Free Chlorine. 1.5 – 3.0
Stabilised Pools (Cyanuric Acid) 25 – 50


  • Note: Based on typical pool with water capacity of 50,000 litres.
  1. Fill pool to recommended water capacity level. Turn on pool pump – engage ‘backwash’ mode to wash and rinse the filter system. Ensure all pumping and filtration system is functioning in the proper manner in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications and operating instructions.
  1. When the pool pump and filtration system has been checked and is operating properly, add the following chemicals:
  • 7 litres of liquid chlorine
  • 1 litre of hydrochloric acid
  • 2 kilograms of stabilizer
  1. Run the pool filtration system for 24 hours.
  1. Add 2 kilograms of  ‘Buffer’ after initial 24 hours pool operation.
  1. Thoroughly broom the pool interior – then wait 4 to 8 hours so as to allow any sediments (eg. dirt) in the pool water to settle – then vacuum pool interior.
  1. Check the chemical balance of the pool water as per above chart.
  1. After 5 days repeat broom and vacuum of the pool interior.
  1. SALT WATER POOLS – If ‘salt-chlorinator cell’ equipment is used, it is not recommended to add ‘salt’ to the pool water until at least 4-weeks after initial ‘start-up’. Check chlorinator manufacturer’s recommended quantity. Do not let the salt sit on the pool interior – continue to broom the salt until it is completely dissolved.
  1. Allow 8 hours after salt addition to the pool – then switch on the salt-chlorinator cell and ensure operation in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
  1. Pool chemistry levels should be checked and adjusted weekly for the purpose of hygiene and swimmer comfort.



Under certain local water conditions and/or pool water chemistry imbalance from time to time increases the likelihood of white calcium buildup and other mineral deposits on all pool interior surfaces’ including tiles; and, within pool maintenance equipment and most commonly salt-cell chlorinated pools. Designer Pool Coatings recommend use of ‘Startup-Tec®’ or equivalent new pool start-up protection against calcium / mineral buildup and thereinafter 6 monthly treatment in accordance with advice from your pool maintenance professional. For more information, visit



Designer Concrete Coatings Pty Ltd declare that there are none known short term nor neither chronic health effects induced from the ingredient properties of its manufactured Designer BeadcreteTM and Pool Render products when they are properly installed and achieve hard-set. Provisions of this declaration require that the product is applied is accordance with installation and finishing practices recommended by the manufacturer and  with due dilligence to MSDS & PPE advice.

Failure of pool owners to undertake weekly and regular checking and adjustment of chemistry levels of the pool water for the purpose of hygiene and swimmer comfort and neglect of a good standard of recognised pool maintenance procedures will void this Pool Safety Guarantee.